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Meditation for outdoor hiking in the UK


Meditation is a great way to calm the mind, so when you're out and about, you can better access the great outdoors. However, outdoor meditation can be difficult - and often requires a customized approach. Here's what I found very useful for meditation on the next part of my hike in the UK.


Acceptance Meditation

Those clouds are really dark, aren't they? Look at how those hills in front of us disappeared, and that sudden piercing cold wind is blowing from there. But never mind. Take a deep breath - and then - and then - release it it is your body, leaving from the deepest part of you to the emptiest part of you. Feel the flow of the air and watch it flow with your inner eye - until only you remain and calm and ready for any calm entity. ...... Okay. Billy Graham said, "We will never know the joy of sunshine without dark clouds in our lives"? Well, good for him. And he's not alive.

North Carolina, where it's warm all year round - at least 20 degrees warmer than here? It's raining a lot right now. But it's okay. Just do it over. Let it be. Allow it and accept it. You always choose to be able to do that. After all, as time passes. Pain is just a matter of mind. You can't control what happens to you. You can only control how you react to it. Maybe your reaction right now is, "I shouldn't have taken the waterproofs from Primark Metal." Next thing you know. But today we're complaining about the food in the tray, not the food in the fridge.

Know that you have six hours to go and it's not going to rain anywhere. With each step, you at least understand that your skin is starting to squeak and chafe again. Where did you put that little tub of Vaseline? Suck long and deep through your nose.

The air smells fresh, doesn't it? It's like one of those times in your life when you remember it raining for days on end and you wish you were born somewhere else in the world. But inhale the air, deeply, and just like that it's like something between a Middle Eastern gift and tomorrow. Take a big sip. Rain is not for you. It's not personal. the BBC program this morning tells you that the whole day will be wonderful therefore; you decide to continue your walk after lunch. It's not the rain's fault; it's actually the rain's fault. It's the BBC's. When you keep telling yourself that way. YES. And when you do, let that fresh, sobering, cold, damp, vile, hateful air into your lungs - and then scream every horrible word you know. Keep doing that. Keep this virtuous cycle going. It won't make you feel calmer, but it might warm you up and up.